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History was made in 2013. Watch what we do this year.

The world's FIRST INTERSTATE and INTERNET 420 Football Colorado / 420 Football USA Game was held on Monday, February 4, 2013. Big fun was had by all!

See us this summer at the 31st Invitational Colorado Bong-A-Thon in South Park, Colorado. The dates are August 1st and 2nd, 2014.

Super Bowl Sunday 2013 @ club 64 in Denver, Colorado:

A HUGE Thank You to Rob Corry, Chloe Villano and EVERYONE at club 64 who made 420 Football Colorado / 420 Football USA a huge success world-wide on Super Bowl Sunday. Camera crews and reporters from at least five countries were in attendance at club 64 in Denver as Gunny and Bubba's brand of 420 Football "Colorado Style" was introduced to the world. NOW, Everyone world-wide knows that Colorado "HITS HARD."

420 Football Colorado / 420 Football USA - It's 420 Football Colorado Style. Come out and play!

Contact Bubba by cell phone at 720-490-1857 to set up a 420 Football Event or email him at bubbaz63@gmail.com

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Jetter Systems - "OFFICIAL" glass supplier of 420 Football Colorado / 420 Football USA

Jetter Systems is a Colorado original. Chris and his crew make fine glass products for your bong ripping and dabbing needs. You will be able to buy YOUR own Jetter Systems products right here on this website soon. Jetter's glass. GET SOME!

Don't worry "Dabbers," Jetter Syatems has you covered too!


Gold Teeth Miller: Sample trading card photo

Gold Teeth Miller hitting it hard for 420 Football Colorado / 420 Football USA in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

420 Football Colorado / 420 Football USA virtual and printable Player Trading Cards will be available soon. If you would like to join the virtual league and get your own virtual and printable players card, stay tuned to this website for details. Cards should be available by July 10, 2014**.

**ARTISTS SUBMIT ENTRIES OF 420 Football Card Designs NOW - We will pay $420 in cash, merchandise or a combination of cash and merchandise of the winners choosing for EXCLUSIVE USE and PERMANENT COPYRIGHT RELEASE of the winning design.**

To reserve now, email your real name and telephone number, along with a jpeg or gif image of yourself for the card and your desired player name to bubbaz63@gmail.com

We are 420 Football Colorado / 420 Football USA. We Hit Hard! Come out and play!

The first "OFFICIAL" smoking sport endorsed by: The Colorado Professional Bong Smokers Association

The Colorado Professional Bong Smokers Association definitely HITS HARD. The organization's founder has personally won five (5) Colorado Bong-A-Thon Championships!

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You are not just a Web Ninja, you are the Zeus of the web!

Bruce Quackenbush is the most consistently amazing internet design professional that we have ever had the pleasure to work with! ALL of our websites are powered by Bruce's company duckbytes.net - Yours should be too!

420fl Colorado and 420fl USA would like to thank you for your efforts to get a basic website online quickly for us Bruce. Especially with all the growth and change we are about to experience, it is a relief to know that you are on the team and an HONOR to have you as part of it.

420 Football USA and 420 Football Colorado - "WE HIT HARD"